Field Drainage

Draining water from the surface of your farm land can be an effective way to reclaim land. 

Syn-core Directional has installed many field drainage systems and can help you effectively plan and implement one. 

There are many benefits of installing a tile system for field drainage. They are:

  • Avoid having to replant in wet years
  • Significantly increase length of growing season as properly drained fields allow for quicker seeding/planting access
  • Increases farm value: a tiled, properly drained field will typically fetch a higher value than poorly drained, wet land
  • Properly designed and installed tile systems will often last 70-100 years (future generations will thank you!)

It costs around $3-$5 a meter to install field drainage systems. Again, every project is different, but count on around $500-$1000 an acre to have a field drainage system designed and installed. 

We use Bron 450 drainage plows to install 4″ and 6″ weeping tile. We also use high end RTK GPS systems to map out the elevations of your field accurately so we can ensure that your field drainage is installed properly.

It is important that a site assessment is performed prior to installation. Some bodies of water may be considered wetlands under Alberta’s Wetland Policy. In those instances it is not possible to install field drainage systems without an in depth environmental impact assessment. Please contact us to discuss your project in more detail.

We have installed tile drainage systems in southern and central Alberta and Saskatchewan. Please contact us for examples of previous projects.

We can provide directional drills to travel under or through obstacles such as hills.

Currently we can go up to 6 feet deep with our plow.

Field drainage may have a high up-front cost, but can often be paid back in a very short amount of time. Consider being able to plant one week sooner every year due to proper field drainage; the difference in crop yields may pay for the field drainage system in as little as 2 years (especially during wet seasons)!

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