Horizontal Augering

Horizontal augering allows for the placement of large diameter pipes using our Akkerman guided boring machine.

Syn-core Directional can place large diameter steel cased pipes ranging from 12″ to 84″ in size and can guarantee precise placement and grading using our state-of-the-art equipment. 

We recently completed one of our largest horizontal augering jobs to date, installing over 140 meters of 36″ steel pipe under two CP rail tracks!

As with any project, pricing varies widely. To give you rough pricing: a 24″ steel case pipe would cost about $500-$600 per meter to install. Larger diameters can cost significantly more.

Currently we can install steel pipe from 12″ diameter all the way up to 84″ diameter

Horizontal augers in pipe

You can read more about our boring methods in this PDF document.

Absolutely, we have excavators, the supporting equipment, and the knowledge having completed many projects like this.

Going with Syn-core for your next augering project ensures that you only have to deal with a single contractor (reducing project overhead) and steel casing can be installed prior to the pipeline crew reaching the crossing. 

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